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Having over 17 years experience and post qualifying CPD training in foot reflexology, I am able to integrate reflexology techniques and approaches which include:

Advanced Reflexology Techniques (Tony Porter)

Maternity Reflexology: supporting conception, pregnancy and post partum (Sally Earlam)

Fertility Reflexology (Barbara Scott - webinar series)

Lymphatic Drainage Techniques (Sally Earlam)

Reflexology for Pain (Dr Carol Samuel)

Nerve Reflexology Techniques (Dr Carol Samuel)

Vertical Reflex Therapy (Lynne Booth)

Reflexology for Womens Health (Hagar Basis)

I have a special interest in combing foot reflexology with ear acupuncture to provide a powerful simultaneous treatment, as well a special interest in the following areas:

Womens Health: supporting conception, pregnancy, labour, menopause, hormonal balance, lymphatic drainage

Mental Health: anxiety and depression

Addictions: drug and alcohol misuse, weight control

Behaviour Change Interventions: combining therapies with psychosocial interventions


Read more about reflexology below and see picture gallery 

Reflexology is a natural balancing therapy that involves the application of pressure using thumbs and fingers to specific areas or 'reflexes' found on single parts, the feet and hands, as microsystems that correspond to organs, glands and other parts of the whole person to support restoration of health.


There is anacedotal evidence that suggests reflexology was used in ancient Egypt, Indian and China and modern reflexology stems from the 20th century work of Fitzgerald's 'Zone Therapy' and Ingham's 'Charted Map of Reflexes' according to the anatomical model. 


It is generally accepted that reflexology: helps relaxation, improves mood, aids sleep, helps relieve tension and impoves a sense of wellbeing. Numerous studies on the effectiveness of reflexology for specific conditions have taken place worldwide, including those funded by National Cancer Institute and National Institutes of Health. Results have shown that reflexology may benefit patients in cancer pallation, reduce pain and reduce psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression.  These and other specific examples of research for reflexology including migraine and MS are available here.  Poor methodology sometimes used in trials fosters the continued need for well designed studies.


More recent scientific advancements give validity to foot maps and the correlation between reflexology point and blood flow activity in the brain using fMRI scans.  In three separate trials, Hong Kong researchers noted that foot reflexology appeared to stimulate areas of the brain associated with sensory perception, autonomic and endocrine function, homeostasis, emotional stimulus and memory. My own extensive use of reflexology with patients experiencing long term emotional trauma is that they report treatment effects to be deeply calming. Whether this is as a result of placebo and/or therapeutic relationship is debatable; the power of positive touch remains to be valid and meaningful to those receiving it. 


Reflexology is not a diagostic tool and it does not replace usual medical care, rather your reflexologist can be integrated as part of your multidisciplinary healthcare team and treatment plan to support wellbeing naturally. 


Microsystem Therapies and Training aims to provide clients with a high standard of care that includes the use of advanced reflexology techniques including lymphatic drainage techniques to reduce swelling, vertical reflexology for sporting performance as used by Bristol 1st football team, nerve reflexology techniques to reduce pain and maternity reflexology techniques to support conception/maternity reflexology. I am listed on Complementary Healthcare Therapist Register which is an Accredited Register approved by Professional Standards Authority as part of voluntary regulation.


Anna specialises in using reflexology simultaneously with ear acupuncture, two powerful microsystems, both thought to have neurophysiological effects, working together to bring about preventative maintenance and supporting health.  

Different reflexology techniques may be integrated during each session according to treatment need


Single Treatment (60 minutes) £35

Loyalty card available with offers, please enquire

Reflexology and ear acupuncture combined (60 minutes) £45

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