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 MTAT FHT Accredited Training Courses 


Ear Acupuncture for Stress and Anxiety Level One
Needle Free Auriculotherapy for Stress and Anxiety Level One
Ear Reading to Inform Treatment
Insomnia (integrating auricular therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
Weight Management
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All of the following practitioners have successfuly competed a MTAT training programme in Ear Acupuncture. This assures that the therapists listed have met highest industry standards: National Occupational Standards, Skills for Health and Core Curricula for Microsystems Acupuncture. MTAT courses are accredited by Federation of Holistic Therapists and certified by both Balens insurance and FHT insurance underwriters.

This register identifies a qualified MTAT therapist by unique MTAT Code (to protect therapist confidentiality and exposure to unscrupulous contacts) and geographical area of work. If you are interested in the services of qualified MTAT ear acupuncture practitioners, maybe for an event, group or one to one treatments, please contact me directly and MTAT will be pleased to provide an intermeditary service between you and practitioner(s) subject to terms and conditions of written agreement. 
Ear Acupuncture for Stress and Anxiety Management Level 1
MTAT Code                Area of Practice                
MTSS001-1                        Birmingham                                  
MTCPR002-1                     Bridgenorth/Sweden      
MTCB003-1                        Liverpool/Switzerland    
MTCS004-2                       Hampshire                       
MTAK005-2                      Stockton-on-Tees            
MTMN006-2                     Birmingham                    
MTKC007-2                       Birmingham                      
MTSL008-3                       Birmingham                          
MTDE009-3                       Birmingham                      
MTLTB010-3                     Birmingham                             
MTAC011-3                        Birmingham    
MTCW012-4                      East Yorkshire    
MTAB013-4                       Northampton 
MTJC014-4                         Cambridgeshire
MTEE015-4                        Shrewsbury
MTJB016-4                         Birmingham
MTJH017-4                         Nottinghamshire
MTLOO18-4                       Bewdley/Kidderminster
MTNM019-4                      Birmingham
MTLP020-4                       Redditch/Alcester
MTLC74-BR                       Southampton, New Forest
MTJS70-BR                         Rotherham
MTAH75-BR                      Berkshire
MTMM82-BI                      Derbyshire
MTPL84-BI                        Leicester/Leicestershire


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