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 MTAT Ear Talk: Interpreting the auricle to inform treatment and improve health

Ear Talk

Mother of auriculotherapy, Dr Li Chun Huang, understood that each ear has its own language to speak for and express itself. Learning to listen and exchange in its talk is the art and science of auricular interpretation: those ear anomalies which assists us to  understand the complete health status of the patient, past and present, via the surface of the auricle. 


Modern and ancient, forming part of auricular medicine and auriculotherapy, the visual inspection of skin alterations on the external ear, palpating, manipulating, pressure applying and checking electrical resistance of ear acupoints enables us to access our medical file imprinted on the pinna to optimise treatment outcomes and positively influence health.  

With an abundance of high quality clinical evidence and research, including double blind randomised control trials, eminent Professors and Drs Romoli, Oleson, Huang, Baik and Chalmers enable us to formulate a picture of manifestations on the ear common to us all and their meanings for our health. Their worldwide work, often aligning with ancient findings in Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine on the special relationship of the ear with the organs and meridians has enabled us to decipher an otherwise 'jigsaw puzzle with no knowledge of the final picture' Marco Romoli.

MTAT is excited to offer a fresh and original way to learn auricular interpretation, or  'Ear Talk', in a new two day live interactive on line course.  Highly interactive, underpinned by both western and oriental clinical evidence, your own ear cases will contribute to new learning for you and your group via an experimental double blind case study that compares your results to Oleson and Romoli's own. Contribute to MTAT's extensive 3D colour human ear library, exampling ear anomalies and skin alterations both weird and commonplace.

Click on the examples below for skin alterations on the auricle and their link to patient conditions.  
Dr Li Chun Huang

Dr Li Chun Huang

'It is as if the ear can speak for and express itself.'

FHT Accredited

FHT Accredited

MTAT Ear Talk is a FHT Accredited Short Course

What will I learn on MTAT Ear Talk course?

  Live guided teaching and learning - no prerecords
  Interactive anatomy of the auricle
  Embryological tissue perspectives and nerve innervations of the auricle
  Brief history of auricular medicine including modern and ancient TCM significances of the ear
  Somatotopic ear chart representations with French and Chinese distinctions
  Learn MTAT's Seven Skin Alterations of Auricle 
  Real case examples of each skin alteration, their presentations on the ear, evidence base and meaning
  How to identify corresponding acupoints, false positives and referral presentations
  Recording and tracking patient skin alterations over time 
  Robust clinical evidence including double blind randomised control trials
Presenting your own ear case studies to assist group learning
Be part of MTAT's own Ear Talk Double Blind Experiment replicating scholar's works

  Interactive games
Self Assessment

  Guided learning
  Live feedback
  Live modelling of ear case studies 
  3d human colour ear library


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