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                                              NADA FIVE POINT EAR ACUPUNCTURE PROTOCOL

As a West Midlands Trainer for NADA GB, the UK's leading trainer for NADA protocol that preserves the spirit of NADA US ignited by Dr Michael Smith, Anna is able to pass on the legacy and wisdom he taught in her teaching of five simple NADA acupoint steps, accompanied by a manual of a more comprehensive healthcare programme. Evidence based to dampen heightened dysregulated states and bring balance and calm to those affected by stress, trauma and addiction, NADA practitioners also rapidly respond to supporting communities affected by disasters worldwide.

NADA GB is trailblazing in driving gold standard acupuncture research evidenced to help a wide range of conditions and settings beyond substance misuse and mental health e.g. breast cancer and eating disorders, making ear acupuncture accessible to healthcare professionals with no experience of acupuncture, adjunct to medical care.

More on NADA protocol acupoints  and recordings of research disseminated by world leading health care professionals utilising NADA protocol at NADA Annual Conference 2022 can be found  at NADA GB website, as 2022 hosts of NADA Annual Conference.


NADA GB Auricular Acupuncture Protocol
NADA GB Auricular Acupuncture Five Point Protocol
NADA GB Protocol
NADA GB Annual Conference 2022. Recording of Associate Professor Kajsa Landgren's Findings
Associate Professor Kajsa Landgren research 2017;2022

Associate Professor, author and leading acupuncturist Kajsa Landgren and colleagues present their groundbreaking research. Image copyright NADA GB

Kajsa Landgren presents two high quality longitudinal study findings on the efficacy of  NADA five point protocol with anorexia nervosa cohorts at NADA GB Conference, London 2022. Photo copyright Anna Venables

Full Course details


This is a 4 day practical training in the NADA ear acupuncture protocol, covering:

  • Origins of the NADA protocol

  • Brief theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • How the NADA treatment relates to modern issues and your sector of healthcare

  • Health & Safety - significant time is spent during the course training in health & safety protocols, cross-contamination and client handling etc.

  • Needling techniques - practical sessions are all closely supervised by a NADA GB trainer

  • Point location

  • Client record keeping

  • Qi Gong energy practice

  • How to set up the clinic space

  • Research findings

  • Certification for students who pass the course

  • Where to get acupuncture supplies and insurance.


Costs: £500 per person including NADA GB Annual Registration fee and certification. 

Accreditation: Practitioners will gain an internationally recognised certification.

Annual assessment: All practitioners must undergo an annual assessment to ensure that the highest standards in practice are maintained. The cost is £150 including Annual Registration and certification.  NADA GB is a not for profit organisation.  




For Anna's NADA training dates, locations and costs go to Book and download an NADA Application and Booking form.  Email your completed form to Anna and payment instructions will be sent.


Click here to make an enquiry or email me to arrange alternative dates to suit you.

For group bookings of 10-12 people, Anna will team with fellow West Midlands NADA Trainer Nick Shough, thereby lowering staff/trainer ratio and doubling expertise whilst maintaining highest quality safety and clinical standards.  


Anna Venables and Nick Shough at NADA GB Mentoring Day October 2023
Anna Venables and Nick Shough at NADA GB Annual Conference, October 2022.
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NADA GB Auricular Acupuncture Protocol Full Course Details
Email Anna Venables at

NADA West Midlands trainers Nick Shough and Anna Venables at NADA GB Conference, October 2022.

Photo Copyright Anna Venables 2022

  Anna Venables and Nick Shough at
GB Trainers Mentoring Day, October 2023.
Image reproduced with kind permission of NADA GB.

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