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A warm welcome
Anna Venables

 With a love of natural therapies, I've been practising auricular acupuncture over 25 years and training others to deliver ear acupuncture within my company MTAT since 2015. I've worked in mental health and addiction services for over two decades and I'm trained in evidence based psychosocial interventions,  including CBT (PG. Cert.)  I now work in education as a Specialist Social, Emotional and Mental Health Teacher (PG Cert.) and have a special interest in supporting those with  trauma, attachment and mental health difficulties.

   Practitioners helping others to become practitioners to help others



                                                                                                                                                                                                       © 2023 by Anna Venables 

 Giving to others is infectious. Emotions are contagious. Spreading opportunity to improve mood, health and bring about stress relief by the simple insertion of five tiny needles in the ear is a movement that I and my MTAT team avidly  follow. Practitioners helping others to become practitioners to help others has been my priority for over twenty years. No ego. No hierarchy. Just giving. Anyone can do it.

Whether you are part of a first response team tending to those affected by global disaster trauma or giving individual treatments to those equally in need at home, together we form an ear acupuncture community of magnitude in supporting the physical and mental health needs of others and being a part of managing their stress, anxiety and trauma. 

Harvard University community based NADA worldwide
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